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Are you having trouble making ends meet after paying for food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other expensive groceries?

Is the rising cost of groceries making it a constant struggle for you to pay your rent, utility bills and other basic essentials?

Are you in a panic because you're spending thousands of dollars on groceries each month, and don't know how to lower the bill?

Is you family receiving less than adequate nutrition because you can't afford the rising cost of meat, dairy and other proteins?

Have you tried basic couponing, but only saved a measly few dollars here and there, so you gave up?


Hi, I'm Sheila Townsend, housewife and mom to four growing kids. I'm here to share with you how in only 90 minutes I learned how to save thousands off my monthly grocery bills... thanks to a 90 minute course on Extreme Couponing and a cheap pair of scissors!

I know you're dying to learn how you can duplicate my amazing results, and start saving thousands off your own grocery bills... And I promise I'll share that exciting info with you in a minute. But first...

I want you to know that I fully understand your painful struggle to make ends meet because I've been there.

Not that long ago, my grocery bills were mind-boggling steep, thanks to three growing kids, a hungry husband, and the expenses that come with running a busy household.

And the cost of cleaning supplies and toiletries took an even greater toll on our finances.

It got so bad that my husband and I started donating blood every week, but the few pennies we received didn't make a dent in our exorbitant grocery bills.

We were struggling to keep up with our mortgage payments, and close to losing the roof over our heads.

Debt collectors were literally knocking down our front door!

Those were the darkest days of my life.

But you know what caused me the most pain? Not being able to afford to feed my three growing children nutritionally balanced meals, but it seemed there was nothing I could do to lower my staggering grocery bills.

How I Discovered The Extreme Couponing Course That Rescued My Family From Total Bankruptcy!

The day I met the "crazy coupon lady" in the checkout line at the grocery store was the luckiest day of my life!

I was waiting impatiently behind her, watching with disbelief as she handing the cashier a large stack of coupons to help pay for the huge amount of groceries in her overflowing cart.

I thought she was going to a ridiculous amount of trouble just to save a couple of bucks!

But I was shocked when the cashier rang up all those groceries and charged her only $3.84!

There must have been over $800.00 worth of groceries in her cart! I kid you not!

So I cornered her in the parking lot, and demanded to know how she managed to pay for hundreds of dollars worth of groceries with only $3.84.

She told me she learned how to save thousands of dollars off her grocery bills from a comprehensive Extreme Couponing course, and the best part... it only took her 90 minutes to complete

Thanks To All The Money Our Family Is Saving With
Extreme Couponing, We Can finally Afford
"Life's Little Luxuries"!

We could finally afford to take the kids to Disneyland!

We had the money to buy our daughter a new car for her
graduation present!

My husband and I can now afford a babysitter to take weekly
"date nights" at 5-star restaurants!

The Extreme Couponing Course Will Teach You How To Ramp-Up Basic Couponing To An Extreme Level... So You Can Save Big Bucks On Groceries, Cleaning Supplies, Toiletries And More!

You'll learn Extreme Couponing in easy, step-by-step instructions taught by renowned coupon expert, Derria Glover, which will take you to a professional level in only 90 short minutes.

Imagine discovering how to save thousands of dollars off your grocery bill every month!

You'll find out how to effectively combine savings coupons with other offers and coupons, so you can begin saving huge amounts on your very next grocery trip!

In this amazing course, Derria Glover will teach you everything you need to know in 28 fascinating videos to quickly become an Extreme Couponer, including...

  • Where to find coupons
  • How to buy multiple items way below retail value
  • How to start collecting and combining coupons like a professional
  • The truth about Double Coupons
  • Understanding coupon inserts
  • Finding printable coupons
  • The best ways to save additional money
  • Where to find the best coupon databases
  • The sales that take your couponing to another level

And much, much more!

But don't just take my word for it, here's what a few satisfied Extreme Couponers have to say about this amazing course...

"When I was clipping coupons (with scissors!), and stuffing them in envelopes, I thought I was couponing. I was not--at least not very effectively (I'd forget them, they'd expire, etc.). Through Derria's insightful, "real-world" couponing class, I've learned about couponing strategies and savvy saving. I still get tickled when I purchase staples for almost nothing!" - Barbara Gunn Lartey

"Couponing 101 with Derria was an awesome experience. She taught me how to apply coupons and to save money at different stores that you shop daily for your daily essentials. Her class and instructions are easy to follow and she also breaks the couponing language down to where it is comprehensive for beginners. A year later after my experience in her class and I have a nice stock pile and have saved a lot of money in my household as well as my father's for shopping for our daily essentials with coupons... Derria also stirred me away from certain brands or stores that I wouldn't normally purchase, and that comes in handy if you catch an amazing deal you can always give back to someone in need. After all why pay full price, if you don't have too." - Tatiana Smith

Attending a Couponing 101 class with Derria Glover was eye-opening! I had been talking about learning how to coupon for months but finally decided to take the next step, and boy did I! Mrs. Glover not only provided comprehensive instruction but also tips, real life examples, each store's coupon policy, and a a list of rebate apps that helped me save even more money. Through her experience and guidance, I am now a consistent and successful couponer, and have helped friends and family begin their coupon journey. If you have any doubts about where to start and/or whether you even need this class, you do!" - Akeeya Abza

"Derria and I are coupon buddies! We reconnected after years because of our interest in couponing. We talk often and share lots of sales and coupons. I coupon as a way of saving money not just for now but in case something happens. The things I buy benefit not only myself and my household but those in need. Couponing has taught me to be conscious of how I'm spending my money and how much I'm wasting. It's definitely been beneficial when it comes to making hasty decisions. I always tell myself "there will always be a better deal. Not to jump at the first thing I see"

- Kai Woods

"The coupon class facilitated by Derria Glover was very beneficial for me. The class was structured and all tips provided were thoroughly explained and demonstrated very well. The practical tips and unique activities provided me with a real world experience, which aided me in beginning the couponing process. It was extremely apparent that Derria had a lot of experience with couponing, as she confidently shared information and answered all questions. If you're striving to save money and you want a fun way to learn how to do it, I highly recommend Derria's couponing class."

- Luronda T. Jennings

What Are You Waiting For? Become An Extreme Couponer And Reap The Rewards Of Extreme Savings!

Imagine finally being able to afford all those things you've longed for, such as...

  • Take that dream vacation to Disneyland with your family
  • Afford beautiful clothes
  • Buy that new car you've had your eye on
  • Dine at 5 star restaurants
  • Pay all your bills on time
  • Save for your children's college education

Normally, the incredible Extreme Couponing course retails for $197. But for a limited time only, you can have immediate access to the entire program for the low cost of only $27.

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